(5.12.2020)   According to the observations at (18:30) hrs M.S.T today, the Low Pressure Area over Ramanathapuram district coast still persists. Weather is a few cloud over the the Andaman sea and North Bay and  partly cloudy to cloudy elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

Flood Warning

Flood Warning

(Issued at 10:00 hrs M.S.T on 4-8-2020)

   According to the (09:30) hrs M.S.T observation today, the water level of Ngawun River at Thabaung is observed as about (½) foot below its danger level. It may reach its danger level during the next (2) days.

   It is especially advised to the people who settle near the river banks and low lying areas at Thabaung Township to take precaution measure.