(29.11.2020)  According to the observations at (18:30)hrs M.S.T today, the low pressure area over Southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas of South Andaman sea and Equatorial Indian Ocean still persists. It may further intensify into a depression during next (36)hrs. It is forecast continuously move  West-Northwestwards and reach near Tamil Nadu coast (India) on (2.12.2020). Weather is partly cloudy to cloudy over the Andaman sea and South Bay and a few cloud elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

Temperature Outlook

Temperature Outlook
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Situation of increasing Day Temperature News(21.05.2019)
Situation of increasing Day Temperature News           Day temperature were increasing (7°C) to (8°C) above Normal temperature of May  in Lower Sagaing and Magway Regions, (Northern and Eastern)Shan State and (5°C) to (7°C) above Normal temperature of May in Upper Sagaing, Mandalay and Bago Regions, Kachin and Southern Shan State.  It is forecast to continuously increase day temperature in these Regions and States during next (3) days.           Due to the increasing of day temperature, People should be aware in these Regions and States.