(23.10.2019):      According to the observations at (18:30)hrs M.S.T today, the low pressure area over Westcentral Bay of Bengal off Andhra Pradesh coast(India) still persists. Weather is cloudy over the South Bay and Westcentral Bay of Bengal and partly cloudy over the Andaman Sea and elsewhere over the Bay of Bengal.

Brief History

DMH transferred to Ministry of Communications, Posts and Telegraphs from the Ministry of Transport and Communication on 3 February 1992. On 20 August 1999, DMH transferred to the Ministry of Transport.

Independent Burma Meteorological Department (BMD) was established on 1 April 1937. International Meteorological Organization (IMO) was established in 1873. Union of Myanmar became member of IMO in January 1938. BMD was re-organized on 23 October 1972 and renamed as Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) in the year 1974. Myanmar Daily Weather Report was issued since 1 June 1947. At that time, DMH is under the administration of the Ministry of Transport and Communication.