(18.2.2019) Weather is generally fair over the Central Bay and a few cloud to partly cloudy over the Andaman Sea and elsewhere in the Bay of Bengal.

El-Nino Condition and Seasonal Climate Forecast During the Winter Season in Myanmar, 2019

13th  January, 2019

El-Nino Condition in Myanmar, 2019

El-Nino Condition

(a)     The sea surface temperature is slightly above normal and being at weak El-Nino condition near the Equator at East Central Tropical Pacific Ocean during January, 2019. It is continuously maintain same condition up to May 2019 and then gradually decrease which is issued by the International Weather and Climate  Forecasting Centres. 

(b)     The percentage of El-Nino condition is likely to be 82% during (January-February-March) 2019. It may likely to decrease 66% (March-April-May) 2019 and 52% (May-June-July) 2019 which is issued by  Pacific Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Monitoring Centre.

(c)      Due to the of El-Nino Events, it is advise to prepare for all sectors. El- Nino condition will be updated in time.